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Rhomboid Calcite- 9.99

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Natural growth Rhomboid Calcite from Ontario, Canada - unusuall layering and etched surfaces

Size: 5.5 x 5.5 x 4.5 cm

Weight: 10.23 oz

Rhomboid Calcite: helps to consciously reconstruct your reality: excellent for organization, clarity and de-cluttering on mental levels which promotes de-cluttering on the material plane; place on 3rd eye or heart; gaze into during meditation on perfect parallel formations; ego buster; expands the mind out of it’s false securities and 3-D box to include the spiritual heart; optical clear calcite are totally transparent and perfectly clear – use these on crown chakra to clear connection to higher dimensions; those with rainbows transmit light through the entire chakra system and can be used on any chakra; can be used on the eyes to help see things clearly and perceive reality in a new way; place on third eye to receive clarity of visions, dreams, channelings or inspirational flashes; represents the whole within the whole and the multi-dimensional perfection of the Universe; promotes generosity and release from selfishness; Do not cleanse in water.


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