Rose or Pink Aventurine - 0.99
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Rose or Pink Aventurine - 0.99

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Pink or Rose Aventurine tumbled stones

Average Size: 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.3 cm

Average Weight: 0.10 oz

Pink or Rose Aventurine: Pink Aventurine is a heart and high-heart chakra stone that instills calm and stimulates creativity.  It brings new and higher perspectives to one’s life.  It can help one to set off in new directions of the heart and resolve situations that previously defied change.  Pink Aventurine awakens the inspiration, imagination and creativity of one’s inner child; it frees and liberates the child within while retaining the wisdom of an adult.  It balances the yearnings of the heart with practical third-dimensional solutions, making it a stone of attainable goals and life work.  Pink Aventurine is also a good aid to meditation and is useful in balancing and restoring flow in the subtle bodies of the aura. Physically, Pink Aventurine can help with health issues involving circulation, blood, the immune system and detoxification. Pink Aventurine is of the Trigonal Crystal System.  It is a common, pink-colored stone found in Brazil, China, India, Russia and Tibet.  It is a silicate (silicon dioxide) with a hardness of 7.  It vibrates to the number 3 and the astrological sign of Aries.

 (Karen Osborne) Rose or Red aventurine crystal can be rose coloured, red, orangey red, or reddish orange.  The red and rose coloring comes from hematite and/or goethite content in the rock.  It is a stone of strength and vitality and is known for boosting energy levels and igniting creativity.  RA brings dedication and determination.  It is a great stone for going forward with new experiences and new projects.  It can also help one to complete the tasks at hand.  RA promotes change and helps one to accept change and take action when necessary.  RA is a wonderful stone for self-forgiveness and releasing guilt both consciously and unconsciously.  It can bring love and pleasure and a celebration of being physical.  RA promotes love for your physical body and helps one take delight in the 3-D world.  It’s ability to elevate life-force in the physical body makes it a great aid to physical health.  RA helps to heal the circulatory system, the reproductive organs, the endocrine system, soft tissues and the immune system.  It also boosts libido and fertility and aids weight loss.  RA is said to help treat cancer and prevent stroke and is used in the treatment of skin conditions such as rashes, rosacea, eczema and infections.

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