Rose Quartz Heart Pendant - 21.99
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Rose Quartz Heart Pendant - 21.99

Regular price $21.99

Shape, Size, and Color varies from crystal to crystal 

21.99 Each 

Average Weight: 0.4 oz 

Average Length: 3.5 cm 

Average Height: 2.8 cm 

Rose Quartz: Copyright © Karen Osborne 2014 ~ In my opinion Rose Quartz is most important stone for the heart.  It is a stone of unconditional love and peace.  Rose quartz can teach you to love yourself unconditionally.  Rose Quartz purifies the heart.  It cleanses the pain of old betrayals, abandonments and rejections that block our ability to love well.  It eases anxiety by showing us that only love is real.  It helps us to feel and open to the love that is all around us.  Rose Quartz heals the heart chakra and strengthens the physical heart.  It comforts grief and heals conditions of the lungs, thymus and skin.  Rose Quartz builds empathy and compassion so that we can forgive.  It is also a great aid to accepting necessary change in one’s life.  Rose Quartz is a stone of friendship too.  It is highly beneficial to anyone of any age, no matter what their life circumstances may be.  If you want to gift someone a Crystal and you don’t know which one to pick, go for Rose Quartz.  You will truly be giving them the gift of Love.

The main properties of Rose Quartz are unconditional love, peace, self-love, heart purification, receiving love, friendship, relief of anxiety, and healing old emotional wounds. Rose Quartz helps mid-life crisis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Dementia.  It also aids physical heart health, the circulatory system, chest, lungs and thymus.  Rose Quartz can help alleviate vertigo, soothe burns and is good for skin conditions of any kind.

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