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Titanium Aura Druzy Pendant - 54.99

Regular price $54.99

Titanium Aura Druzy oval-shaped cabochon in silver bezel setting; the back is open

Dimensions: 2.9 x 1.5 cm

Weight: 0.13 oz

Rainbow Aura or Titanium Aura: (Robert Simmons and Hazel Raven) increased life force and vitality; activation of the Rainbow Body; humour and relaxation; enjoyment of life; fire and storm elements; all chakras; the most powerful and vibrationally intense material of all of the coated and treated quartz; provides strength, mental acuity and physical power; energizing to the whole system including the physical body; helps one to feel grounded, centred and energized all at once; helps to make one more capable of handling the mundane world – making one more focussed, more confident, more aware of everything around oneself; helps one be more amused by life in general and more ready to cope with whatever needs attention; helps to take on responsibilities without feeling them to be a burden; activates rational, analytical mental abilities and enhances one’s sense of humour and fun; excellent for those with low  energy or whose daily agenda is challenging in a physical or mental way; brings a great deal of vitality and is recommended to those who feel spacey or too serious; brings life force energy; increases zest and enjoyment of life; helps one to relax and not take life too seriously; good for anyone who does stand-up comedy, comedic acting or likes to tell jokes as it enhances timing and delivery; a stone of Hermes – the God of quick intelligence and wit and can sharpen both in those who use it; dispels sorrow and brings unlimited joy; gives new insights into one’s relationships on all levels, including those with guides and angels; enlivening to all chakras; can bring forth hidden talents and Divine gifts; helps release old belief systems without pain, resentment and conflict; stimulates the entire endocrine system and revives a sluggish immune system.  Affirmation: “I embrace life with joy, enthusiasm and good humour, and I feel the flow of life energy running strongly through me.”

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