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Titanium Aura Druzy Quartz Earrings - 87.99

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Titanium or Rainbow Aura Druzy teardrop shape cabochons in sterling silver bezel settings on French hooks

Size of the stone: 1.5 x 1.1 x 0.5 cm (not including hook)

Weight of pair: 0.16 oz

Titanium Quartz or Rainbow Aura: (Clear Quartz electro-bonded with Titanium) Stone of delight; Brings increased life force and vitality; activation of the Rainbow Body; humour and relaxation; enjoyment of life; fire and storm elements; all chakras; the most powerful and vibrationally intense material of all of the coated and treated quartz; It’s positive energy creates a shield from all kinds of pollution, including negative people and harmful rays; provides strength, mental acuity and physical power; energizing to the whole system including the physical body; helps one to feel grounded, centred and energized all at once; helps to make one more capable of handling the mundane world – making one more focussed, more confident, more aware of everything around oneself; helps one be more amused by life in general and more ready to cope with whatever needs attention; helps to take on responsibilities without feeling them to be a burden; activates rational, analytical mental abilities and enhances one’s sense of humour and fun; excellent for those with low energy or whose daily agenda is challenging in a physical or mental way; brings a great deal of vitality and is recommended to those who feel spacey or too serious; brings life force energy; increases zest and enjoyment of life; enlivening to entire chakra system; dispels sorrow, replacing it with unlimited joy; gives new insights into relationships and helps to find new ways of relating; helps heal stressful relationships, helping us to understand that the other person only serves to reflect an aspect of oneself; helps to release old belief systems to find new ways of relating, transformation and regeneration; helps life flow much more smoothly – without pain resentment and conflict; stimulates the entire endocrine system and is especially useful in reactivating a sluggish immune system. Affirmation: “I embrace life with joy, enthusiasm and a good humour, and I feel the flow of life energy running strongly through me.”

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