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Dendritic or Tree Agate Pendant - 27.99

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Wire-wrapped triangular Dendritic or Tree Agate pendant. Both sides of the pendant are open.

Size: 4 x 1.8 x 0.7 cm

Weight: 0.22 oz

Dendritic Agate or Tree Agate: (Robert Simmons): Dendritic Agates are ideal tools for strengthening the fibre of the self through inner work.  It’s great help for anyone involved in therapy, spiritual studies or healing work of any kind, especially addiction recovery.  Carrying one or placing it on one’s altar will assist one in taking the day-by-day steps necessary to gain insights and make behaviour changes.  It helps one stay positive but not unrealistic while going through needed transformation.  It can help reduce stress in difficult times as well as offering long term help in improving them.

(Naisha Ahsian): Dendritic Agate facilitates the perception of one’s ‘shadow self’ and the integration of all aspects of one’s being.  It helps to purify the energy field and assists one in understanding the positive lessons of negative experiences.  It can help balance polarities and bring balance and wisdom through the integration of all aspects of the self.  They open one’s eyes to the Divine Blueprint of the Self and to the areas in which one has failed to be true to that pattern.  It assists one in regarding one’s behaviours and patterns unflinchingly and facilitates the stable, sober determination required to make the necessary course corrections upon the path of life.  Dendritic Agate helps overcome sources of guilt, resentment, envy, shame, blame and other self-destructive emotions.  It helps one to see and forgive the experiences and people that set those patterns in motion and allows one to form a fresh and realistic view of oneself that is not coloured by unwarranted self-deprecation nor exalted fantasies.  It helps one to get a wholesome, truthful ‘reality check’.  These stones allow one to release stress, overcome addictions and stop repetitious patterns of toxic emotions, which can deplete and exhaust the organism.  In particular, they can aid those working to overcome back pain, which is often caused by a subconscious desire to avoid confronting difficult feelings.  Dendritic Agate is also helpful in overcoming addictions and self-destructive impulses, which stem from the unconscious apprehension that one is ‘not good enough’. Affirmation: “I am committed to doing the inner work that brings truth, growth, and balance to my life.”

(Judy Hall): dendritic agate or “tree agate” attracts abundance; creates peaceful environment; deepens connection to earth; helps to remain centred; lends perseverance; heals nervous system; heals earth and plants (good to put in plants); treats skeletal disorders; stimulates circulatory system; slow, gentle action

The Greeks used Dendritic Agate to produce large crop yields. It is believed to help relieve nerve pain and bring abundance and fullness to life.

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