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Vera Cruz Amethyst Pair - 4.97

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 2 Small natural Vera Cruz Amethyst Points from Vera Cruz, Mexico that are being sold as a pair. Vera Cruz Amethyst are Clear Quartz Crystals that have Amethyst phantoms and Lemurian configuration, seed lines and energy. One has a small break at the point, which doesn't affect performance but makes the price lower. Excellent for ancestral and karmic work.

Average Size: 1.5 x 0.7 x 0.4 cm

Weight of pair: 0.6 oz

Vera Cruz Amethyst: (Judy Hall) extremely high-vibration stone attuned to the transmutational violet flame; works with the etheric blueprint and subtle DNA to bring about profound inter-dimensional cellular healing; effective for spiritual purification; removes imprints and attachments of all kinds; protective and facilitates out-of-body experiences and journeying; takes you into beta-brainwave state; facilitates mediation, trance and divination skills; powerful tool for shamanic working at high levels, when place on the soul star chakra it accesses the vibratory plane where soul meet and merge in oneness; activated and cleanses all chakras, especially third eye, crown and above; useful for understanding and reframing the causes of addictions, and in particular assists spiritual obsession stemming from past-life cause; helpful in breaking the cycle of co-dependency and the dependency on being the “caregiver”-needing to be needed- or being the one who is “cared for”; teaches that addictions are a search for wholeness and immersion in spirit that communicating with the divine brings about; works being the physical level of being to heal the lightbody, but effects profound cellular healing and supports in overcoming addictions.

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