White Aventurine Tumbled - 1.99
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White Aventurine Tumbled - 1.99

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White Aventurine from North Bay, Ontario, Canada - nice sparkles

Average Size: 2.5 x 1.5 x 1 cm

Average Weight: 0.23 oz

White Aventurine: (lemurianlight) is a mirror to the soul. The Mica inclusions add a unique energy as they "provide reflective qualities so that one can recognize the flaws of humanity and can remain in a heart space to continue to love this same humanity."  White Aventurine is used to facilitate clarity in visions. It provides for self-reflection and allows one to recognize that "in each person you see but the reflection of that which you choose to have that person be." In physical healing, white aventurine addresses issues relative to all chakras, and especially those relative to the crown chakra, including that it helps to stabilize the emotions, can help with depression, headaches, and targets right eye issues and the pineal gland.

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