Yellow Feather Jasper Tumbled - 2.99
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Yellow Feather Jasper Tumbled - 2.99

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Yellow Feather or Red Feather Jasper tumbled stones from Utah, USA

Average Size: 1 inch 

Average Weight: 0.6 oz

Yellow or Red Feather Jasper: (Earth Speak) Yellow or Red Feather Jasper is a beautiful form of Dendritic Jasper. It is a stone of the “Earth Angels”, the brother and sisterhood who wish to assist in the healing of the planet, encouraging cohesiveness among them and strength in the completion of their goals. It is a powerful stone of love and nurturing. It can assist in meditation to merge with the consciousness of the Earth, the Gaia, the sacred sites around the planet, and in seeing through the “illusions” of this world.

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