Yellow Jasper Tumbled - 2.99
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Yellow Jasper Tumbled - 2.99

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Yellow Jasper Tumbled Stones

Size: 1.8 x 1.5 cm

Weight: 0.03 oz

Yellow Jasper: The colour of Yellow Jasper is generally a burnished yellow gold with brown veins that form flowing water-like patterns. It is a stone of endurance, perseverance and tenacity that help shield one from the negativity of others. When worn for long periods of time, it eases chronic worries and builds self-confidence, attracting others for friendship or to help with a goal. It supports steady learning, and transmits healing and empowering Earth energies, especially when meditating outdoors. Yellow Jasper is a happy, sunny stone that constantly gives out positive vibrations to promote happiness and positivity. It is a strong healing crystal for anyone who often feels stressed, anxious or depressed because it helps replace those negative feelings with ones of joy and overall happiness.

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