Zebra Jasper Natural - 3.99
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Zebra Jasper Natural - 3.99

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Natural rough Zebra Jasper chunks from Mexico

Average Size : 3 - 4 cm 

Average Weight: 1.4 oz

Zebra Jasper: (Crystal Wind) Zebra Jasper motivates us to move out of apathy into action; to overcome laziness and gain the courage and determination required to transform ideas into action and to see projects through to completion. It helps us avoid over-thinking and encourages us to just enjoy the experience of living. Zebra jasper's striking colors intensify that message. Like the swift, wild horse for which it's named, it shows us how to live. A gemologist puts it this way: Get out of your head! Get into your body. Let the zest for life flow through you. If you feel like galloping, then gallop!

(ravenandcrone) Zebra Jasper encourages us to stop considering failure as an option in life, and to take action towards reaching our dreams and goals. It helps us to escape the perils of over-thinking and promotes the enjoyment of experiencing life as it comes. It increases appreciation for joy of life. Zebra Jasper relieves stress. It also helps to stimulate the transition to the astral plane during meditation and centering of the soul. Hold or meditate with Zebra Jasper to increase your compassion and understanding for others so that you are able to deeply view the inner person. It aids in physical energy, stamina and is an exceptional stone for increasing endurance in athletes. All jaspers are strong securing, stability stones. It is a powerful protection against things that are not good for you and it eases emotional stresses, making it a wonderful gemstone to have in your home. Zebra Jasper is associated with the root and solar plexus chakras.

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