Zircon Natural - 3.99
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Zircon Natural - 3.99

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Natural individual Zircon Crystals free of matrix

Average Size: 0.5 x 0.5 cm

Average Weight 0.02 oz

Zircon: (Robert Simmons) Zircon is a stone of high intensity and precise focus that can stimulate energy in any sluggish chakra or meridian. Zircon helps ungrounded people to ‘get real’ and take care of the necessities of earthly life in a practical, organized fashion. Zircon is a wonderful stone for those who do not want to give up their ideals but who need to focus on how to bring those ideals into form in the real world. Zircon brings energy and strength of purpose to who may be overwhelmed with the conflict between their desire to change the world and the fear that their dreams may be impossible. Zircon is excellent for body layouts and for amplifying the energy of other stones. Zircon is a protective stone creating a shield of light around the wearer when worn or carried, keeping dangerous energies away and also preventing one from unconsciously sending out hooks that attract negative situations. Zircon harmonizes well with Prophesy Stone to ground spiritual energies into the physical body. With Moldavite, the positive transformation of one’s life becomes even more accelerated. With Phenacite, Zircon’s intense energies are often accompanied by visionary experience.

(Naisha Ahsian) Zircon is a storm element ally that stimulates every chakra in the body, bringing high frequency energy through the crown and grounding it all the way down to the earth star chakra. It stimulates the flow of chi through the meridian system and helps overcome sluggish or depressed energies. Zircon is an energizer for psychic abilities and lends protection to those who leave their body to explore other realms. Zircon is especially useful for channels. Zircon stimulates the physical body to cleanse toxins from the system and can support physical detox. Zircon can help one feel reconciled to being a spiritual being in a physical body, or less fearful of being a physical being opening to spirit. Zircon balances and supports the adrenals when one is overtaxed from work or stress. It is useful for clearing toxins from the body and can be used as support through withdrawl from caffeine, tobacoo or other substances. Affirmation: “Through fully linking my physical self with my energy body, I integrate the inner and outer worlds, bringing my highest dreams into reality.”

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