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Atlantasite Pendant - 8.99 - 50% Off

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Wire wrapped tumbled Atlantasite, Atlantis Stone or Tasmanite stones from Tasmania - wire is not silver

Average Weight: 0.23 oz

Average Size: 2 x 1.5 cm

Atlantasite: (Judy Hall) A combination of green Serpentine and purple Stitchtite, Atlantasite accesses past lives in Atlantis, reconnecting t your ancient wisdom and encouraging you to complete projects set in motion at that time.  By stimulating spiritual evolution, this stone assists those who misused the spiritual powers in ancient civilizations and helps in recognizing the right use of power and the true nature of spiritual empowerment.  Atlatasite clears and aligns all the chakras.  Psychologically, Atlantasite lowers stress levels and encourages thinking before speaking.  Useful for gently encouraging children to modify inappropriate behavior, this stone is also helpful for breaking away from the results of poor choices or old wounds, healing outworn patterns and instilling a more positive approach.  It is an effective harmonizer of disputes.  Environmentally, Atlantasite is a useful Earth healer, bringing peace into the environment and, when buried in the Earth, undertakes Earth clearing and energy restructuring in places where there has been death and destruction.  It is beneficial for cellular memory, stress, blood disorders, hypoglycemia and diabetes.

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