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Natural formation of Blue Scapolite from Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada

Size: 8.7 x 6.5 x 3.8 cm

Weight: 8.91 oz

Scapolite: (Robert Simmons) Scapolite helps one set one’s mind on a goal and persist until the goal is attained.  It is a wonderful stone for developing self-discipline and will power to attain and maintain inner freedom.  It’s energy beams out in a completely steady flow, unlike some stones which pulse and fluctuate.  Its planetary influence is Saturn the planet of structure and discipline, and this stone can help one create the forms and structures that allow us to fulfill our dreams.  Those who desire to write a book, loose weight, budget their money, exercise more, give up bad habits, or change one’s everyday self in any way will find an ally in Scapolite.  Its key phrase is ‘strength of purpose’ and it can activate dormant areas of the self in which awareness of one’s purpose, as well as the power to pursue it, reside.  It is thus as stone of destiny of dharma.  It helps one to hear the voice of the higher self and carry out the blueprint of one’s evolutionary plan for this life.  It can also illuminate the memory of past lives in which patterns of self-sabotage may be rooted.  It not only helps one to embrace new patterns – it also allows one to release old ones which no longer serve one’s highest good.  The ancient Hindu seers have stated that one of the major negative forces one must overcome is inertia – the tendency for things to keep going on in the same way, or to go nowhere at all.  This type of inertia fetters the soul and keeps one’s dreams from being realized.  Scapolite is excellent for breaking up these confining patterns and assisting one in making change whether minor or revolutionary.  Scapolite is a stone of insight.  Before breaking up limiting patterns one must see their roots.  It is a stone of deep delving, and it assists one in going down into the psyche to discover what is holding one back, when it originated and what must be overcome to break through to freedom.  Scapolite is ultimately a stone of freedom.

(Naisha Ahsian) Scapolite resonates with Storm element and brings cleansing, transformation and radical realignment to the energy field.  It stimulates the auric field, nervous system and brain, opens and clears the crown and the etheric chakras above the head.  It allows conscious communication with higher levels of awareness and is excellent for communication with one’s higher self, guides and angelic beings.  It can enhance the dream state, making dreams more vivid and allowing for more conscious direction of them.  It is also useful for astral out of body experiences and great for conscious journeys through the dreamtime and astral planes.  White-grey Scapolite is useful for stabilizing one’s mental state and helping to regulate brain bio-chemistry.  Blue is similar to blue Kyanite, cutting through mental fog and confusion, stimulating the mind, and enabling one to think and reason more effectively.  It is highly stimulating to the third eye and throat chakras, allowing one to express one’s thoughts coherently.  It strengthens telepathic and telekinetic abilities and is an excellent stone for mediums, acting as an amplifier for the energies of those who have passed from this plane. Blue Scapolite generally enhances ones visionary and communication skills.  It is useful in treating vision degeneration, optical nerve imbalances and other eye problems.  Affirmation: “I act with insight, determination and self-discipline in implementing the necessary changes to make my dreams come true.”

(Melody) Scapolite can be used in the treatment of cataracts, glaucoma, dis-alignment of the iris, dyslexia, and incontinence.  It can be used for bone disorders, constriction of the veins and recovery from surgery.  It can provide relief from discomforts of the shoulder and areas of the upper chest and has been used to increase calcium assimilation.

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