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Dendritic Jasper Pendant - 19.98 reduced to 9.98

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Polished Dendrite or Dendritic Jasper top-drilled pendant with sterling silver bale

Size: 4.8 (including bale) x 1.1 x 0.5 cm

Weight: 0.13 oz

Dendritic or Dendrite Jasper: Dendritic Jasper is a stimulating and motivating stone that directs one to the manifestation of deep satisfaction. It brings the vitality and strength needed to achieve one’s goals and dreams. Dendritic Jasper fosters a positive outlook and encourages living in the moment to enjoy life and live in conscious connection to the Earth. Its energy is grounding, stabilizing and fortifying, especially during times of change and challenge. Dendritic Jasper encourages one to branch out into the world, to create connection, abundance and ultimately, satisfaction!

Dendrite Jasper contains mineral formations that resemble ferns or other fossilized plant matter. The dendrite formations are often composed of iron and manganese that flows between cracks of a matrix or host stone such as limestone. The word Dendron in Greek means tree and is used to describe the branched plant-like projections. Dendrite Jasper eases stress and tension and is known to have an immediate calming effect on the nervous system. Dendrite Jasper is used to heal blood vessels, skeletal disorders, capillary degeneration, and provide stimulation to the circulatory system.

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