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Dragon Blood Jasper Tumbled - 3.99 - now 2.99

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Dragon Blood Japser, also called Bastite, tumbled stones from Australia

Average Size: 1.7 x 1.5 x 0.7 cm 

Average Weight: 0.18 oz

Dragon Blood Jasper also called Bastite: (Judy Hall) Stimulates kundalini rise, activating the chakras and creativity on all levels. It activates Dragon energy, the earth’s kundalini, assisting earth healing and bringing order out of chaos. It enhances fertility and puts meridians back online. Helpful in past life healing where ancient abuse blocks sexual response. Placed on minor chakras located in the knees, Dragon stone helps you be more centered and grounded on earth. Reputed to help infertility and conditions arising from a blocked base or sacral chakra. The green colour is Epidote and the red is Piedmontite.

Piedmontite: is a rare sorosilicate mineral from New Mexico, United States of America. It is a Manganese-rich variety of Epidote and is characterized by lustrous deep magenta/red crystalline veins running through an off white/grey Quartz matrix, or the red in Dragon Stone.  The frequency of Piedmontite connects to the heart chakra allowing one to be open to, and understand one’s emotional being, thus helping one to surrender and trust in one’s heart.  It helps one to “hear” what one’s heart needs to “say”, aiding one in overcoming and healing deeply held emotional wounds. It allows one to be open to the inner knowing and wisdom of one’s heart. The energy of Piedmontite offers an energetic “strength” to one’s heart and emotions so that one can “see” and “feel” joy in one’s life, and aids in spiritual self-healing

Epidote: (Naisha Ahsian and Robert Simmons) release of negativity; embracing positive patterns; attraction of what one emanates; provides increase to whatever it is attuned with, making it a stone to experience in all aspects of life; tends to bring more of what one already has in accordance with one’s highest good, making it a stone that will more of the good or more of what is unwanted until one is forcefully nudged into change; when used consciously, it can bring abundance and prosperity, attract new loving relationships, catalyze the creative process etc...; Epidote is not a free ride – if one wants abundance they must be generous and if one wants love then they must be loving etc...; increases the power of other stones with which it is used; dispels critical-ness; enhances keen perception; stimulates participation and interaction and supplements personal power; transmutes density created for protections such as being overweight or emotional density such as biting remarks and sarcasm; helps overcome habitual negativity such as hopelessness, fatalism and other destructive emotion patterns; helps one to transform one’s reality into a more positive experience; excellent physical healer, dissolving blockages, tumors, cysts and other manifestations of energetic density, helping to reveal the core of the density; it is useful to combat dehydration; can be used as an elixir to sooth and soften the skin; can be used in treatment of disorders of the nervous system, brain and thyroid.  Affirmation: “I release my negative habits and embrace the positive, knowing that I reap what I sow.”

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