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Large Galena on Stand - 85.00 reduced to 49.95

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Nice large natural Galena - the display stand is used and included with the Galena specimen

Size: 7.2 x 5.5 x 4.5 cm

Weight: 16.91 oz

Galena: (Naisha Ahsian and Robert Simmons)shamanic soul retrieval; past-life recall; stone of alchemical process of self-transformation; lead-based mineral representing the beginner in alchemy – the state of unpurified physicality, the long process of lead turning to gold, and from beginner to master; powerful initiator in the process of awakening and carrier of seed of perfection; powerful grounding stone; ideal for retrieving lost parts of the soul; helps reclaim vilainized or denied aspects of self; excellent shamanic stone for plumbing depths of self; excellent tool for discovering the psycho-spiritual source of problem and moving toward healing; assists past-life regression work (use with phenacite); powerful mirror, reflecting Light into the deepest, darkest regions of one’s shadow self; lends courage to face and embrace with compassion and love, the most feared regions of one’s soul so that one can experience deep healing of the Spirit; assists entering deep states of consciousness and provides protection while journeying; stone of the power of receptivity – finding strength through softness and self through ability to receive the Divine; resonates strongly with the Earth and can be programmed fro Earth healing and used in grids to create vortices for Earth healing ceremonies; protects against radiation, electromagnetic pollution and other harmful environmental energy – good to use when spending long hours by computer; powerful psychic protection stone for those strongly affected by negativity; helps face difficult tasks and reclaim one’s power by reclaiming one’s responsibility; counters infection; supports dealing with cancer, particularly where infection may result from radiation or chemotherapy; excellent stone for those recovering from addiction and the detoxification process. Affirmation: “I commit myself to my journey of transformation, and to retrieving the lost parts of myself, wherever they may be.”

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