Moss Opal Natural - 4.99 - now 3.99
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Moss Opal Natural - 4.99 - now 3.99

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Natural Moss Opal or Dendritic Opal pieces from Siberia, Western Australia

Average Size: 4 x 2.5 cm

Average Weight: 0.48 oz

Moss Opal or Dendritic Opal are milky white, ochre and reddish to brownish Common Opals with darker fern-like pattern inclusions or dendrites. Dendritic Opals are excellent stones for connecting with nature and with Nature spirits. Dendritic Opals promote physcial and spiritual growth and help one to grow and remain open in realtionships between individuals and groups. Opals are used to heal wounds from the past, even past lives. Opals help one to overcome judgement and prejudice. They are great for enhancing the achievement of personal goals and bring abundance and prosperity to one’s life.

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