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Pink Gold Rhomboid Calcite - 39.99 - SALE PRICE IS 24.99

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Large gold pink Rhomboid Calcite formation from Nuevo Leon, Mexico This one has a nice rainbow.

Size: 6.8 x 5.5 x 3.5 cm

Weight: 11.05 oz

Pink Calcite, Transparent, Rhomboid: (Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian) Emotional healing; compassion; joy; Fire and Water; Heart Chakra; generates deep compassion in those who work with it; connects to the energy of Kwan Yin, Goddess of compassion and can be used in meditation to consciously connect to her; opens the heart, filling the physical and energetic bodies with love; brings state of rapturous appreciation for the beauty of existence, kindling the flame of joy in one’s heart; imagining the energy of the stone merging with the heart is highly recommended when meditating with it; woks well with pink tourmaline and other heart chakra stones such as Rose Quartz, Morganite and Kunzite; less potent on the physical level than opaque calcites and more stimulating to the emotional and energetic bodies; one of the few stones that can resonate with both fire and water energies, helping to balance the emotional and action oriented parts of the self; stimulate the heart and solar plexus, allowing one to take action based upon the truth of one’s heart; helps dissolve energetic scar tissue and other vibrational debris from around the solar plexus and heart chakras, allowing for release of constriction and expansion of these chakras; creates healing of the will and heart, allowing one to reclaim confidence in oneself and the guidance one receives from Spirit; helps overcome fear of taking action and putting one’s heart forward in the world; allows one to overcome limitations in order to be of service to the highest good; clears past trauma from the body from present and past lives; helps clear ancestral emotional patterns from the genetic memory; excellent for all aspects of emotional healing; engenders a state of compassion and loving radiance toward others; supportive of general heart health and can assist in balancing digestive problems generated by emotional upset or stress; excellent stone to encourage bonding of new mothers with infants.  Do not cleanse in water.  Affirmation: “My emotional body is healed and whole, and I extend the grace of my heart’s compassion to myself and all beings.”

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