Prasiolite or Green Amethyst Tumbled - 4.99
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Prasiolite or Green Amethyst Tumbled - 4.99

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Average size 1 to 2 inches

Shape, size, colour and patterns vary from stone to stone.

Prasiolite or Green Amethyst: Prasiolite comes from Malawi Africa.  It is a rare silicate macro-Crystalline quartz mineral that is found in igneous rocks along with Amethyst.  The green colour is due to Fe2+ salts.

(Robert Simmons) Prasiolite starts as purple Amethyst and it’s colour is changed to green by heat.  Thin can be done artificially by heating the material to 932 degrees Farenheit, or possibly by geothermal activity.  Prasiolite carries the energetic link between the heart and crown chakras and can be a catalyst for identification of the individual human self with the spiritual Higher Self.  Through purple Amethyst’s association with the crown chakra and psychic protection, combined with Prasiolite’s activation of the healing vibrations of the heart, there is potential for a unifying experience in which one opens with full mind and heart to the experience of the Divine. Beginning as purple Amethyst and having, through the energy of Fire (heat), transformed from within, Prasiolite stands as a physical metaphor for what must be accomplished in human spiritual evolution.  We are called to pull the purple ray of Spirit into manifestation in the physical world, through the green ray of the heart.  The necessary ‘heat’ comes from the fire of one’s will – the third chakra or solar plexus – the burning desire for one’s existence, and that of all others, to be all that it was meant to be.  Prasiolite assists bringing Spiritual ideals into expression in everyday life.  It reminds us to love and bless others and to see through human foibles.  It brings a shift of focus, which allows one to transcend the temptations of judgment and negativity.  In essence, it facilitates one’s ‘walking the talk’ of Spirituality.  Wearing, holding or carrying Prasiolite along with purple Amethyst amplifies one’s connection to the higher Spiritual realms.  Facetted Prasiolite is more focused and intensified than raw pieces, but both varieties can be very powerful.

Naisha Ahsian – Prasiolite allows one to become a ‘lightening rod’ of healing energy of the Earth.  Its grounding effect causes energy to pass through the heart centre, clearing disharmonious emotional patterns.  It opens the heart to the energy of compassion and connection to all things.  It brings synthesis between the higher and lower aspects of the body.  It is the stone of balance between the lower and higher realms.  Green Amethyst helps one to link personal will to Divine will, so one may be a conduit for expression of Divine Will on Earth.  Prasiolite opens the crown and third-eye chakras, initiating inner vision.  It supports healing work done on shamanic levels or through Earth directed spirituality.  It can help one connect and communicate with terrestrial inter-dimensional beings such as fairies.  Prasiolite assists those who are ungrounded in connecting with the Earth, while it stimulates those who are overly concerned with Earthly matters to open to Spirit.  It fosters compassion, self-acceptance and self-honor.  It reminds us that we can all share Love and that sharing Love is the first and most important Spiritual act.  It enables one to receive the energy of Love, reminding us that in receiving this frequency from others or from the Divine, we are honoring the heart of the Creator.  It is an excellent stone for supporting the physical heart.  It is also useful in issues of digestion, stomach-acid imbalance, assimilation of nutrients and cellular nourishment.  It can aid in remedying all eating disorders.  Affirmation: “I link and integrate the higher and lower aspects of my being within my awakened heart.”

(Marilyn and Tohmas Twintrees)  Do you see me as a mystery?  I see and greet YOU as on ….. I bring us to the doorway of wonder and awe.  I am the Magi of my own wondrous universe.  Ah ~ It’s so fine talking with you like this again and again and ever.  Alchemical communications between us stretch beyond all things but knowingness.  We are Magicians-onto-ourselves and we listen to that when we speak of it in our dulcimer sweetness that lifts off above expectation.  Here we are.

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