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Iridescent metallic purple tumbled Purpurite stones

Average Weight: 1.5 oz

Average Size: 4 x 2.5 x 2 cm

Purpurite: (Robert Simmons) Purpurite is one of the purest stones of the Violet Ray, which offers purification of one’s energy fields and all the meridians.  It activates the crown chakra, opening one to experiences of consciousness within the higher spiritual realms.  Purpurite emanates an energy of psychic protection, cleansing one’s auric field and keeping it free of negative entities and attachments.  Purpurite is a stone of initiation.  Meditating with it can help one connect with their guides and hear their advice more clearly.  When kept near the body during sleep, it facilitates conscious work on the astral planes.  Purpurite is a stone of freedom.  It allows one to see the psychological barriers that keep one chained to the secure yet deadening routines of daily life and gives the inspiration to break free.  It teaches one to love the unknown and to be at home in an indeterminate future.  It helps one find the courage to leave behind one’s familiar sense of self to seek the spiritual promise of a greater identity, which one can feel, even when one has no clear concept of what that entails or whether one will be able to find means of comfortable survival along that path.  Purpurite is a stone of insight and truth.  It helps one ‘keep digging’ for the reality that underlies appearances.  It allows one who uses oracles such as the tarot or I Ching to more clearly understand the guidance one receives.  It reveals the deceptions of others, and it makes one incapable of consciously deceiving them.  If one has been doing so unconsciously, it makes them uncomfortable aware of what they are up to, which usually ends the behavior.  Purpurite is a stone of the ‘royal self’, initiating within oneself the desire to claim one’s power and use it wisely for the benefit of all.  It helps those who are afraid of power to overcome their hesitation.  Its energy purification prevents one from the temptation to abuse power and its quality of inspiration reveals the highest paths of action for putting one’s power to the best use.  Purpurite helps one realize the sovereignty of self and remember that the Kingdom of Heaven lies both without and within.  Purpurite harmonizes with amethyst, Sugilit, and Charoite, all of which are stones of the Violet Ray.  Its energies can be brought more deeply into the heart by combining it with Lilac Lepidolite and/or Pink Lazurine.  In regard to personal power, Golden Labradorite and Heliodor are good stones for magnifying and focusing that energy.

(Naisha Ahsian) Purpurite is one of the rarest allies that builds a bridge between the Earth element and the Wind as these elements are polarites.  Purpurite offers a balance between them, teaching us how to walk on Earth while maintaining spiritual consciousness.  Purpurite is a manganese iron phosphate, and its properties are closely aligned with the function of these elements in the body.  The manganese activates the heart and mind, stabilizing the nervous system and opening one to the experience of love and bliss.  In meditation, Purpurite stimulates experiences of rapture and oneness with the heart and mind of Creator.  The iron component grounds these experiences into the physical body, helping one to walk in alignment with the Divine and to manifest it through ones thoughts, words and actions.  This grounding effect lends itself well to healing work, as it stabilizes energy flow in the body and allows one to integrate more light on a physical level.  The phosphorous allows more illumination of the mind, helping one to integrate the information one receives in from spiritual communion, enabling one to bring more light to Earth.  Purpurite is a master stone of spiritual embodiment and aligning the mind of the Divine.  It teaches one to walk on the Earth with grace and beauty and to use one’s Earthly experience as an opportunity to enlighten the material realm.  Purpurite brings the highest light into the densest realms of physicality.  It aligns the entire chakra system, allowing more free and potent flow of energy through the body and aura.  The manganese releases stress and calms the nerves.  I helps release anxiety and walk with grace through the storms of life.  Purpurite facilitates the incorporation of more light (electromagnetic energy) into the body.  It stimulates brain function and can help repair brain damage by building electromagnetic bridges between neurons.  Its energy feeds the brain and improves brain function.  Purpurite is useful in helping treat radiation poisoning from sunburn, radiation therapy or other nuclear sources Affirmation: “I call on Spirit for purification, guidance, inspiration and truth, and I take responsibility for the highest expression of my personal power.

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