Pyrite Cabochon - 14.99 reduced to 12.99
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Pyrite Cabochon - 14.99 reduced to 12.99

Sale price $12.99 Regular price $14.99

Beautiful Pyrite Cabochons left natural on top side; ready for wrapping or healing layouts 

Average Weight: 0.6 oz 

Average Size: 1 inch 

Pyrite: (Naisha Ahsian and Robert Simmons) a very protective stone shields from negative energies; keep on body when doing dangerous work; helps one to be more present and focused and elicits quick responses from the physical body; excellent stone for sports, physical strength and agility and assertiveness on every level; activates nourishing energy of body; encourages and sustains the flawless ideal of health, intellect, and emotional well-being; assists seeing behind façade; stimulates intellect; used in treatment of bones, cell formation; damage prevention and repair of RNA/DNA; treatment of lungs, infectious disease, lessens fever and inflammation; Pyrite helps to seek out and employ the male aspect of your self to resolve your current situation.  The male aspect is the solar energy that resides within you, encouraging you to take the action that is indicated by your highest guidance.  Pyrite speaks of movement and making yourself into the light of the sun.  The ability to plant new seeds and to act upon your intuition is nurtured by pyrite.  It is time to manifest the creations you have conceived, by taking action and expressing your inner truth. Chakra: Earthstar and Root. Affirmation: “I plant seeds of Light on Earth.”

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