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Quartz Druzy Pendant - 38.49 now 19.99

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Double-sided sparkling Quartz Druzy pendant in sterling silver setting

Size: 5.5 x 2.8 x 1 cm

Weight: 0.57 oz

Druzy Quartz: (also spelt as Drusy or Druse) is a thin layer of quartz crystals covering the surface of a host stone, also called a druzy encrustation. One good example of Druzy is the crystals filled inside the cavity of a geode. The term "Druzy" refers to the tiny crystal, which is formed within another stone in a large number. When the ground water that carries dissolved silica is forced to get filled into a porous area of rock, rapid cooling occurs and it causes the formation of minute crystals. The host rock is can be encrusted with small sparkling quartz crystals and/or it may line cavities in the rock. In it's natural state, druzy quartz is clear, white, tan, golden (citrine), and light purple (amethyst). Druzy Quartz greatly amplifies the properties of the host stone is said to aid in balancing and increasing one’s personal energetic systems. It has long been used to diagnose disease and is believed to enhance natural extrasensory perception abilities.

(Judy Hall) Drusy Quartz carries the energy enhancing qualities of Quartz but in most cases, a scaled down gentler vibration that can be more easily assimilated.  Drusy teaches how to savor all the experiences of life.  It revilatizes and remotivates at the the spiritual level of being and assists in releasing self-imposed limitations.  It restores harmony and equilibrium and can allieviate homesickness.

White Drusy is said to work well for periodontal disease.

Clear Quartz: Clear Quartz is considered the master stone. It is a bringer of clarity and enlightenment. Its purity is unrivalled. Clear Quartz is the most powerful healer and energy amplifier known. Clear Quartz doubles a person’s auric field and is excellent for unblocking energy. Clear Quartz can adapt itself to the specific needs of any individual. Clear Quartz is known for its ability to returning energy to most perfect state, before disease. Clear Quartz contains all colours and works on all of the subtle bodies, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual; it can be used for any condition.   It stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance. It harmonizes the charkas, aligns subtle bodies and is even effective for healing past-life trauma. Clear Quartz has many applications, both scientific and metaphysical. It can even be programmed. Clear Quartz is piezoelectric. It can receive, store, amplify, transmit and direct light.

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