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Rutilated Quartz Cabochon - 39.99

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Facetted Golden Rutilated Quartz oval shape Crystal - almost solid rutile!

Size: 3.3 x 2.3 x 1 cm

Weight: 0.33 oz

Rutilated Quartz: (Naisha Ahsian and Robert Simmons) golden needles bring frequency of Christ Consciousness; has perfect balance of cosmic light and is an illuminator of the soul, promoting spiritual growth; cleanses and energizes the aura; facilitates access to highest spiritual guidance; breaks down barriers to spiritual progress, letting of the past; cleanses and energizes the aura; aids astral travel, scrying and channelling; filters negative energy during healing work while supporting emotional release and confrontation with the darker sides of the psyche; provides protection against psychic attack; can be used to draw off dis-ease from past lives and to promote insights into the events of past lives that affect present, assists moving to a core life to access causes and to understand the results of previous actions; connects to soul lessons and the plan for the present life; reaches root of problems and facilitates transitions and a change of direction; soothes dark moods and acts as an anti-depressant; relieves fears, phobias, anxiety, releasing constriction; counters self-hatred; promotes forgiveness on all levels; opens the aura to allow healing; excellent stone for exhaustion and energy depletion; stimulates growth and regeneration of cells; is said to encourage upright posture; absorbs mercury poisoning; eases impotence, infertility, balances thyroid, repels parasites; position on neck for thyroid, heart for thymus, solar plexus for energy, ears to balance and align, sweep over aura to draw off negativity.

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