Starburst Jasper Tumbled - 0.99
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Starburst Jasper Tumbled - 0.99

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Tumbled Starburst or Starry Jasper stones from Mexico

Average Size: 1 x 1 x 0.5 cm - irregular shapes

Average Weight: 0.07 oz

Starburst Jasper: Starburst or Starry Jasper is a red-brown jasper that is bursting with lighter-coloured star pattern formations. It is actually an unusual Mexican Rhyolite and not a true Jasper. The starbursts form during the cooling of magma, as Crystals aligned themselves into star-like patterns. Starburst Jasper is also known as Spider Jasper and is said to be the keeper of Spider medicine, which makes is a powerful weaver of protection and creation grids. Spiders create sacred geometries, which hold the creation pattern for life on our planet. Starburst Jasper helps you return to your creation blueprint. It frees us from webs of lies, manipulation and secrecy, and helps us to become our true self. It is particularly useful for empaths who need help freeing themselves from relationships with narcissists.  Starburst Jasper increases patience and helps one take responsibility for their lives. It is said to assist in rectifying unjust circumstances and to protect in situations of danger. Starburst Jasper can bring bursts of energy, inspiration, new ideas that can manifest as genius and creativity. It is an enlivening stone that strengthens and grounds the physical body.

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