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Sunstone Wand - 44.99 - now 34.99

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Single terminated, 6-sided Generator cut Sunstone wand from India

Size: 7.8 x 2.3 x 2.3 cm

Weight: 1.64

Sunstone: (I call it “happy stone”) It instils joy of living; allows true self to shine through; it is the best stone I know of for lifting sadness and depression

(Naisha Ahsian and Robert Simmons) helps remove attachments from others; helps us let go of our attachments; teaches you how to say “no”; stops self-sacrifice; facilitates independence, vitality, and self-empowerment, good for SAD, seasonal affective disorder); removes inhibitions; increases self-worth and confidence; encourages optimism and enthusiasm; stimulates self-healing powers; eases stomach ulcers and chronic sore throats; aids rheumatism; Sunstone is also the stone of leadership – helps leaders step up and stip into their power – also helps leaders be clear about ego-based motives; imparts the ability to listen to others and respond to them from the wisdom of your heart, not platitudes of ego; helps lead with enlightened action for the good of all; brings power to take response-ability, to take action and to move forward in the courage of your heart’s convictions; place on second and third chakras; Affirmation: “I respond joyfully to the experiences that arise before me.”

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