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Ulexite or TV Stone Tumbled - 5.49 - now 3.99

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Genuine polished Ulexite or TV Stones from Boron, California, USA

Average Size: 3 x 2 x 1.5 cm

Average Weight: 0.43 oz

Ulexite or T.V. Stone: Ulexite is a Calcium-Sodium hydrated Borate mineral, that is often called T.V. Stone because it exhibits a unique optic property.  When placed over a newspaper or picture, the image is projected through capillary fibres to the other end.  The illusion is that the image is on the surface of the stone rather than beneath.  When viewed from the side, the fibres are distinctly visible.  First mined in Death Valley, Ulexite is sought after for industrial, agricultural and pharmaceutical uses.  Ulexite is now mined at Boron, CA, USA.

(Karen Osborne) This stone brings things that are deep within the psyche or subconscious to the surface so they can be seen, explored and healed.  It helps one to turn and face their wounds so that pain can be felt and released, issues can be resolved and balance can be restored.  It’s a great stone for helping one to discover what needs to be healed, what is repressed and what is denied or hidden from oneself.  It is a powerful activator of the third eye and is very useful when applied to the third eye during healing journeys.  Its pure, high vibration gently brings peace to the subtle bodies and alignment to the chakra system.  Ulexite is also excellent for healing the physical eyes.

(Naisha Ahsian) Ulexite is a stone of intuition; inner vision; telepathy; clairvoyance; imagination; creativity; opens the inner eye to far-viewing of the probable future, current happenings in distant places or past episodes relevant to current issues; helps to see and interact with beings from higher planes such as Spirit guides and extraterrestrials; activates imagination and creativity; activates the 3rdeye allowing visions to float up from deep within the psyche; unleashes latent creative potential; telepathy can also be awakened; quickens mental processes, helping one to solve complex problems easily; can accelerate learning of foreign languages, mathematics, science, engineering and other fields; excellent study and memory stone – good to carry into exams; works well with angelite, celestite and selenite for connecting to higher dimensions; emotionally neutral; very healing to the eyes; helps heal and balance vision; can be used to strengthen one’s eyesight and to overcome blurred or double vision. Affirmation: “My eyes are opening to truth, improving my ability to see, inward and outward, with clarity of vision on all levels of reality.”

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