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White Calcite 3.99

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Natural, rough White Calcite pieces

Average Size: 3.5 x 2.5 x 1.5 cm

Average Weight: 0.67 oz

White Calcite: (Robert Simmons) consciousness expansion; access to higher knowledge; gently assists in removing congestion in the upper chakras (clearing lower chakras is first recommended); (Naisha Ahsian) – activates and cleanses the higher chakras and cleanses the energetic field; special in its ability to activate higher levels of consciousness, removing any blockages one may have to connecting to one’s Higher Self; aids in releasing fears around expansion and assuming one’s spiritual power; encourages right use of power and aids one in connecting with one’s path more definitely; affirms the “I am therefore I serve.”; connects the Soul with the Higher Self and the physical aspect of the self through the Light Body and the nervous system; aids in dissolving worry, fear and hesitation; allows one to completely surrender to Divine will and one’s Divine path; stimulates the nervous system, energetic bodies and chakras; can help balance and activate hemispheres of the brain, assisting one in moving into deeper brain-wave patterns. Do not cleanse in water.