Receving with Moonstone

St. Francis of Assisi, said that it is in giving that we receive.

If you ask most people, they will tell you they find it much easier to give than to receive.  Why is this?  When we were children we loved to receive.  We were open to compliments, presents and affection.  At some point along the way, whether consciously or unconsciously, we actually decide to limit incoming energy from other people. We do so to avoid feeling pain.  The hurtful experiences of the past make it challenging for us to receive love in any form.  We shrug away compliments.  We talk without listening.  We feel uncomfortable when presented with gifts.  We hug without allowing the person we’re hugging to hug us back.

Worse, we often compensate for receiving less, by giving more.  This is a big problem because an energetic system that has more energy going out than coming in, becomes weakened.  Its organizing structure breaks down and it looses integrity.  The same thing happens to you when you cannot receive – when you over-give of yourself, you begin to loose your integrity as a person.  Over time you forget who you are and what you came here to do, and you ultimately waste your Divine potential.

We over-give hoping to gain love and acceptance from other people.  The catch-22 is that often we are not able to receive it.  We block love, not only because we fear pain but because, either consciously or unconsciously, we believe we deserve to suffer.  Ultimately, we keep love at bay because we don’t feel worthy of it.

The truth is that every one of us deserves to receive love simply because we are here.  We are all Divine creations and we are all loved by God equally.  The fact that you exist makes you worthy of love.  That is enough.  Until we reach this understanding, we do for others because we have forgotten how to do for ourselves. 

So let’s say “yes” to receiving.  Moonstone is the perfect stone to help begin the process.  Its feminine energy is all about opening to receive.  Moonstone also opens the intuition, which is of course, a form of receiving.  Sometimes the reason our psychic gifts are blocked is simply because we are unable to receive.  As you open to receive, you will begin to feel the kindness and love that you give to others - as kindness and love to yourself

Moonstone Blessings,















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