Moldavite ~ The Stone of Transformation

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Moldavite ~ the Stone of Transformation

You may not have heard about the little green stone that fell to Earth. Yes, it fell from the sky and has gained quite the reputation ever since. Moldavite is unrivalled as the ultimate stone of transformation and even hailed as the Holy Grail of the Crystal Kingdom!

I decided to share some of Moldavite’s story here because I feel Moldavite medicine may be just what we need right now to unlock the power of our soul - to move courageously forward into new territory and to connect again, with conscious awareness, to the plan we had for ourselves in this life.

As Judy Hall says, Moldavite has no crystalline structure, which allows it to take us way beyond our limits and boundaries. Moldavite is not technically a Crystal. It is a Tektite - a glass formation that lacks the orderly and coherent atomic structure of its Crystal counterparts. It may not classify as Crystal, but it captures the energy heaven and Earth colliding, which makes it uniquely able to assist human integration of Spirit into matter.

I say this because Moldavite was formed by a Meteorite impact. The extreme heat of the impact melted or vaporized the terrestrial material at the impact site, ejecting it from the impact crater. The material reformed into many small pieces as it rapidly cooled in the upper atmosphere. Friction created unique surface textures on each one as they fell through the air.

All tektites are rare, but Moldavite is especially so. Its appearance is different than other tektites. Moldavite is the only one that is green in colour. Moldavite is also possesses an otherworldly translucence and delicacy not typical of other Tektites. It exhibits logic-defying formations that seemingly capture the essence of creation. Further adding to the mystery, Tektites don’t form every time a meteor hits the Earth. They form very rarely in only a few locations. Some scientific theories suggest that Moldavite is not terrestrial at all – and that it is lunar material ejected from eruptions on the moon that somehow fell to Earth. Whatever the story, Moldavite is definitely a cosmic stone with much to teach us.

Moldavite brings so many gifts of healing and consciousness expansion to humanity, that I thought the most clear and practical way to introduce them here is in a list. Moldavite,

  • enhances vibration of other crystals
  • brings communication with higher-self, extraterrestrials, and ascended masters
  • accelerates spiritual growth
  • raises personal vibration
  • opens and clears, aligns charkas; activates the entire chakra system
  • is primarily a crown chakra stone
  • accesses other lives to learn what is needed in this life
  • is good for sensitive people such as star children who have come to aid the transition of Earth
  • helps alleviate home- sickness for your home planet
  • takes you beyond your limits and boundaries
  • develops detachment from earthbound security issues such as money
  • brings forth your spiritual purpose and provides an overview for incarnating
  • supports empathy and compassion
  • is a stone of discovery and inspiration
  • brings unexpected solutions forward
  • makes one aware of cause and source of disease
  • brings gift of illness to one’s attention
  • brings massive transformation, cleansing and changes on every level
  • stimulates kundalini
  • cracks open psychic channels
  • propels one into the future
  • kick starts one’s spiritual development
  • promotes expanded awareness and visceral experience of highest frequencies
  • takes one deep into their deepest, darkest fears , secrets and shadows
  • is an action stone, excellent for those ready to move to the next phase
  • often creates a healing crisis so for one’s learning
  • helps people who cannot adjust to suffering and deep emotions found on the Earth plane
  • can awaken latent memories and access spiritual information through the higher intellect
  • releases fixed ideas and archaic belief systems and can neutralize hypnotic commands.

Important Note:
If you are ready to work with Moldavite, grounding its energies with hematite or smoky quartz is recommended.

Moldavite is an expensive stone but it’s possible to buy small pieces and also, Christmas is coming.

Moldavite blessings for all,

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