Pink Chalcedony ~ A Stone for the Holidays

Pink Chalcedony is a stone that can share soothing, loving support with us through the holidays. Its soft, feminine, motherly energies have a way of enveloping one in an energetic sanctuary of kindness, love and compassion. It encourages us to rest deeply and to nourish ourselves even in the midst of chaotic situations, emotional turbulence and jam-packed schedules. It’s vibe of flow and serenity lends calm to any family or work situation.

Pink Chalcedony instills a sense of security – the feeling that ‘everything is going to be fine’. It helps us to relax about the future and go forward into new territory with a willingness to trust, discover and learn new things. Pink Chalcedony is greatly helpful to those adapting to change, loss and heartache. It sooths pain, loneliness, and feeling like one doesn’t belong. It is especially supportive of children, in discordant or broken homes, and stepchildren or adopted children who are adapting to a new family. If you are an adult, Pink Chalcedony can be of great support to your inner child who may be feeling homesick, alone, unsupported or longing for the past.

Pink Chalcedony is also supportive to new mothers, helping to relieve stress and worry about the baby, pregnancy or adoption. Traditionally, women wore it as protection for their fetuses and newborns. They also used it to support infant care and to resolve problems with breast-feeding. 

Pink Chalcedony is a mother and her teaching is self-nurturance. It can powerfully shift one out of states of weakness, apathy and resignation, bringing new interest in life and self. It is greatly supportive to those who are shy, sensitive or feeling overwhelmed. Pink Chalcedony softens the hard edges over-assertiveness or control. It can be a wonderful stone for resolving passive-aggressive behaviors in oneself or in others.

Pink Chalcedony is about love, support, and nurture – the three ingredients we need to thrive.

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