Green Aventurine ~ Re-Visiting the Past and Re-Claiming the Future

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Frequently asked question: “Why do I keep coming back to healing the same issue when I thought it was already healed?”

The answer to this question came to me in the form of a metaphor…

When we are born our subconscious mind is basically a clean slate. As we grow our life experiences imprint there. Those that cause pain, generate subconscious beliefs that create more of the same in our future. With each repeat of the original hurt, the wound is reinforced and made stronger. Some wounds become deeply entrenched and hardened or frozen in the psyche.

The metaphor I saw of the subconscious mind was one of rich, loamy soil – a garden in which anything can grow. The painful experiences leave footprints in this pristine, fertile place of creation. The first footprint leaves a fear-based belief that creates future footprints.

Every experience leaves a new footprint, and over time the soil becomes packed down and hardened. Soon a well-worn path is formed, and that path comes to define who we are. We become comfortable with the discomfort and this ‘path of least resistance.’ It’s much easier to walk on this known path of hardship than it is to summon the will and courage to move away from the path, into the fertile ground of new experience and growth. In time the path becomes a rut that seems impossible to get out of as we loose control of our lives, getting only more of what we don’t want for our health, relationships and livelihood.

The hardened, densely packed soil is of course a metaphor for the frozen emotions, paralyzing fears and crippling beliefs that keep us locked into a destiny of suffering.

Our path, or rut, wasn’t created overnight. We must find the strength to till the hardened soil and begin the process of healing but it may take some time. We begin by scratching the surface, again and again and again, working the shallow ground. It seems like we have recovered but we must go deeper and deeper, turning and turning the soil, until all of the toxic emotions and belief patterns are released. We must aerate and water the dry ground. All of the footprints must be gone in order for the path to disappear, and a new life to grow.

We need to find the patience to do a thorough job and the faith in ourselves to believe we have what it takes to do it. A Crystal I think is the perfect tiller for our subconscious mind is Green Aventurine. Green Aventurine is a stone of growth, abundance and prosperity. It teaches us that growth is a learning process and that every experience has value. Once we learn something from it, we can move on to a new experience. Each new experience makes us wise if we can release the emotions and retain only the lessons. Green Aventurine helps one to release negative patterns at emotional, mental and physical levels of our being. It is even said to cleanse our physical body at the cellular level, healing imbalances and preventing dis-ease.

Green Aventurine heals the heart, bringing energies of growth and renewal. It helps us to get out of emotional ruts and to accept healing and our own evolution. Interestingly enough, Aventurine is strongly connected to nature, especially the plant and Devic realms. So both literally and figuratively, Green Aventurine can help your garden grow. Aventurine attunes to plant frequencies and can help one to communicate with the spirits of plants to better understand their medicine. It can even help to overcome allergies to plants and trees by balancing one’s masculine/feminine aspects, and the emotional/mental bodies.

Green Aventurine is an excellent all-round healer, good for adrenals, thymus, the nervous system, sinuses, and skin. Aventurine helps balance blood pressure and lower cholesterol. Aventurine helps to dispel toxic emotions such as anger and irritation from the emotional body and cellular memory. Aventurine is also a great stone for mitigating electromagnetic and geopathic stress.

Are you convinced yet? Let me tell you more… Aventurine is not an expensive stone. It’s found in many places on Earth, even Ontario. Canadian Aventurine sparkles like the eyes of many Fairies winking at you and guess what? Aventurine helps us to become aware of Fairies and to see and communicate with them.

Last, but not least, Aventurine is an abundance stone that encourages leadership and success. It’s a stone of youth, play and joy. It can help you to till and turn your emotional terrain so you can grow new health, new love and new joy. The Fairies told me so…

Aventurine blessings,


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