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Cognac Baltic Amber Pendant - 79.99 reduced to 39.99

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Genuine Baltic Cognac Amber in silver setting

Size: 3.7 x 2.2 x 1.1 cm

Weight: 0.21 oz

Amber: light, warmth and solar energies; Amber is a form of solidified sunlight. It is not born in the Earth like other crystals.  It is created by the synthesis of light by plants and trees and then that life force is solidified by the process of fossilization; excellent source of Light energy; connects to inter-dimensional and intergalactic Light beings, including Nature Devas, crop-circle makers, faeries and especially connected to the Egyptian deity Ra; especially helps those who become depressed in Winter due to Light depravation (SAD); grounding stone for higher energies; powerful healer and cleanser; draws off dis-ease; promotes tissue revitalization; absorbs pain and negative energy and transmutes to positive forces that stimulate healing in the body; protective; motivates drive to achieve wishes; brings warm, bright, sunny disposition; helps counteract depression and even suicidal tendencies; promotes positive mental state and creative self-expression; brings patience; encourages decision-making; useful memory aid; encourages peacefulness; develops trust; promotes altruism; brings wisdom; chakra cleanser; alleviates stress; treats throat; stomach, spleen; kidneys; liver, bladder, gallbladder, joints; natural antibiotic; stimulates solar plexus; can help draw off infection and cleanse contaminants from organs; processes less desirable frequencies into higher energy; excellent for sealing the aura after cleansing of energy field and clearing patterns that may re-establish.

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