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Blue Topaz Pendant - 199.00

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Stunning Laser Cut Blue Topaz Pendant in sterling silver claw setting; the photos do not do it justice!

Size: 2.4 x 1.5 cm

Weight: 0.15 oz

Blue Topaz: (Robert Simmons) can clearly provide enhancement of one’s mental processing and verbal skills, as well as improving one’s attention span and ability to concentrate on mental tasks; it can help one conceive and achieve perfection in various projects and aspirations; also helps one make clear discriminations about what one does and does not want in one’s life; it can clear and activate the throat chakra, enhancing ability to articulate one’s ideas and insights; it is a natural magnifier of psychic abilities and can assist one to tune into one’s higher guidance as well those who want to give readings to others as part of their spiritual work.  (Naisha Ahsian) Blue Topaz stimulates ability to learn and think through complex concepts and ideas; aids in expressing one’s emotional needs; helps calm the mind; has a soothing effect on the emotional body; is useful for sore throat, speech impediments, fear of public speaking, hyperactive thyroid (only natural blue topaz for this) and general health of the neck and throat.  It can also be used to calm migraines.  Affirmation: “I perceive and express my intuitive insights with clarity and precision.”

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