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Orange Calcite Apatite - 13.99

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Natural Orange Calcite with one very large Apatite Crystal from Quebec, Canada

Size: 7.9 x 5.3 x 3.5 cm

Weight: 4.65 oz

Orange Calcite: creativity; playfulness; sexuality; confidence; innovation; stone of spontaneity and awakening of the inner child; a highly energizing and cleansing stone, especially for the lower charkas; balances the emotions; removes fear; overcomes depression; dissolves problems and maximizes potential; heals the reproductive system, gallbladder and intestinal disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome, IBS; removes mucous from the system; brings solar energy into one’s vibrational field and physical body; aligns one’s thoughts with one’s will assisting taking action toward one’s goals; helps alleviate shyness and social phobias; helps overcome depression, lethargy or hopelessness; supports endocrine system and hormones.  Do not cleanse in water. Affirmation: “I vividly enjoy all dimensions of myself and my life and take pleasure in creating more.”

Apatite: (green and pink wands) inspirational stone; interface between consciousness & matter; stone of manifestation; promotes humanitarian attitude, inclination toward service; attuned to future but connects to past lives; develops psychic gifts, spiritual attunement; deepens meditation; raises communication; aids communication & self-expression on all levels; Green Apatite enhances connection and communication with plants and nature spirits; increases motivation; builds up energy reserves; induces openness & social ease; draws off negativity about one’s self and others; helpful for hyperactive and autistic children; stimulates creativity & intellect; clears confusion, expands knowledge & truth; eases sorrow, apathy and anger; reduces irritability; overcomes emotional exhaustion; By releasing energy in the base chakra, it clears frustration & endorses passion without guilt; aids absorption of calcium; aids arthritis, joint problems & rickets; suppresses hunger & raises metabolic rate, encourages healthy eating; balances all bodies; overcomes hypertension; when used with other crystals, facilitates results

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