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Cavansite Pendant - 101.99

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Striking blue Cavansite flower in round cabochon matrix set in sterling silver bezel setting with open back. The Crystal is from India.

Size: 3.2 cm diameter(across); with bale the length is 4.4 cm

Weight: 0.67 oz

Cavansite: (Robert Simmons) stone of the purest Blue Ray vibrations; unites energies of the throat and third eye chakra, facilitating clear insight and articulate communication of what has been seen and understood.  Thus Cavansite is a stone of inner truth.  It opens the mind to direct comprehension and allows one to be a clear channel for higher truth; can aid one in attuning to frequencies of the Akashic Records as it vibrates to the frequencies of inner knowledge and truth; Cavansite can assist those who ‘channel’ spiritual information, or wish to do so.  It can aid one in all areas of intuition, including psychic abilities such as mediumship, psychokinesis, psychometry, remote viewing, etc. It can help one to step aside and let one’s truth flow freely, without interference of thought or doubt. Cavansite is soothing to the emotions and calming to frayed nerves.  It allows one to relax and let go of outmoded ideas.  It assists one in getting free of ‘stuckness’ both in the mind and in external situations.  It helps find the courage and gentleness to speak the words that must be said, without inflicting blame or shame.  It is an excellent stone to carry or wear in difficult situations in which one wishes to avoid conflict without sacrificing truth; resonates well with Apophyllite for inter-dimensional travel and enhancement of psychic and clairvoyant capacities.

(Naisha Ahsian): Cavansite is a powerful and beautiful wind element ally.  Its pure Blue Ray embodies the energies of revelation, breakthrough, understanding prophesy and spiritual enlightenment.  It’s energy helps one reach a place of great stillness in meditation, where the presence of the I AM joins in direct communion with the individual soul.  Cavansite brings a frequency of joy, willingness, excitement and curiosity that can help one to move beyond apathy and disillusionment.  It can aid in accessing levels of guidance and knowledge that will propel one into the next phase of one’s growth.  Cavansite is a stone of transition.  It helps one perceive the lessons learned in past experiences and joyfully release those lessons so that one can move gracefully into the future.  It can assist with all manner of psychic work but is especially helpful in the practice of clairvoyance and clairaudience.  Cavansite is an excellent ally for anyone undertaking communication of ideas or guidance particularly when it is in written form.  For teachers and writers, it can assist one in being clear, concise, and succinct in communication of one’s intended message.  The wind element energy of this stone stimulates one’s fire element helping one feel energized, excited and hopeful about the future.  It can assist one in gaining information about necessary next steps when one is undertaking a new project or path.  Cavansite can assist one in connecting with new guides and teachers when one is ready to move to a new level.  Cavansite can help overcome feelings of hopelessness, lack of direction, confusion and cynicism.  It brings joyful optimistic energy to one’s emotional body.  It’s pure Blue Ray helps one to move beyond past emotional experiences to embrace the future with curiosity and courage.  Cavansite is stimulating to the endocrine system, especially the pituitary and pineal glands.  It can be used to counter stress induced illness, particularly migraines or headaches.  Affirmation: “I move into the future with enthusiasm and optimistic expectation, and I am supported by the flow of spiritual wisdom constantly streaming into and through me from the higher worlds.”


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