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Darwin Glass Tektite or Darwinite - 35.99

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Authentic, natural Darwin Glass Tektite, aslo known as Darwinite from Mount Darwin on the west coast of Tasmania, Australia

Size: 2.3 x 0.9 x 0.8 cm

Weight: 0.7 oz or 2 grams

Piece come in glass top display box

Darwin Glass: Darwin Glass is found over a 160 square mile area in Tasmania, near to Mount Darwin and it later gave it's name to the Darwin Crater, believed to be the source of the meteorite impact that created Darwin Glass by melting the local rocks with the huge amounts of heat and energy released. Darwin Glass has been dated to about 816000 years and the meteorite that impacted has been estimated at 20m to 50m across.

(Liz Oakes) Darwin Glass, or Darwinites, are powerful tektites known for their high vibration, and resonance with the heart and third eye chakras.  They are beneficial to meditation and connecting to beings in higher realms. Darwin Glass is an aid to spiritual development, as they create a connection between the heart chakra and the crown and higher etheric chakras. This connection is highly beneficial as they can help one release fear you may be feeling about the events happening on the earth at this time and assist with spiritual learning and growth. If you visit the part of the island of Tasmania Australia where these stones originate, you'll notice that the light there is quite unique, and when you hold a piece of Darwin Glass you may be surprised by the strength of the clear and unique light that comes through to you, especially during meditation.  When you hold one of these stones you can quickly make a spiritual connection and can feel the depth of the energy and spiritual light that they embody flowing through you.  The stones energy quite easily flows into the heart chakra and then easily moves upwards to stimulate the higher etheric chakras.  The vibration of these unusual crystals is quite gentle, yet quite impactful. Their relaxed vibration is beneficial to help with releasing fear and negativity from within you. Their resonance with the heart chakra area, makes them efficient healers of emotion and the physical heart. Darwinites are said to help the healing of issues in the brain and to connect to the energy of dolphins. These high vibration Crystals work well when combined with other high vibration tektites, especially Moldavite, Guangdong Tektite, Tibetan Tektite or Libyan Desert Glass.



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