Golden Healer Quartz Heart - 14.99 - now 7.49!
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Golden Healer Quartz Heart - 14.99 - now 7.49!

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Polished Golden Healer Quartz Hearts from Madagascar

Average Size: 2.5 x 2.3 cm

Average Weight: 0.4 oz

Golden Healer Quartz: (Karen Osborne) When Limonite occurs in Quartz it’s known as Golden Healer. Golden Healer is one of the most powerful healers for the navel and solar plexus.  It is an important stone for reclaiming power lost to abuse or victimization.  It can help one to clear these patterns from past –lives and help one to gain insights into why one chose challenging experiences in this life.  It is of great assistance for healing karma related to abuse of power.

(Judy Hall) Limonite is a grounding and protective mineral that stabilizes, imparts endurance and stimulates inner strength, particularly when faced with extreme conditions.  Limonite guards against mental influence and ill-wishing and prevents psychic overwhelming.  It provides the physical body with protection during metaphysical activities and enhances telepathy.  Psychologically, Limonite is good for removing yourself from the mire, whatever form it may take.  It facilitates standing your ground without needing to fight back and favorably assists legal situations.  Limonite sharpens the mind and ameliorates confusion.  Traditionally Limonite is used as a treatment for dehydration and was said to restore youthful properties.  Limonite is useful for purification, jaundice, fevers, the liver and digestion, and overcoming dehydration.  It supports the muscoskeletal system and the assimilation of iron and calcium.

(Judy Hall) Golden Healer Quartz carries the Divine essence of All That Is and high concentrations of universal life force or qi.  Golden Healer Quartz has an exceedingly high vibration that takes the master healing power of Quartz to another level.  Using this Quartz raises your vibrations to meet those of the Crystals.  It is a profound catalyst for profound spiritual activation and opens the alta major chakra.  Golden Healer Quartz is incredibly active, the iron oxide in the stone amps up the power exponentially and creates a multi-dimensional energy grid around our planet.  This Quartz has the iron content within the Crystal itself or between the layers of the Quartz as well as a dusting or coating on the Crystal.  Accessing multi-dimensional, interstellar healing power and bringing Christ consciousness down to Earth, it makes healing more potent on all levels. It prepares the lightbody for an influx of cosmic energy that expands awareness.  Using it helps you to walk in Christ consciousness on Earth, so that your whole being helps the planet to ascend.  Golden Healer carries bioscalar waves that heal at multi-dimensions and intercellular levels.  It purifies, aligns and re-energizes the chakras and rapidly releases ancient emotional conditioning held in the solar plexus.  It harnesses the personal will held in that chakra with the divine will held in the chakras above the crown, so that the Higher Self becomes the guiding light rather than the ego.  This stone facilitates making profound changes in your life with minimum fuss and effort.  Place a large Golden Healer under your healing bed or four small ones in the corners to experience multi-dimensional cellular healing for the physical, subtle and light bodies.  You can dedicate your Golden Healer to peace and healing into our world.  Golden Healer Quartz is a master healer, multi-purpose healer for all conditions.  They restore the whole system to energetic wholeness and optimum functioning.

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