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Green Kyanite Pendant - 37.99

Regular price $37.99

Natural Green Kyanite Crystal in circular artistic sterling silver setting 

Size: 5.9 (including bale) x 1.2 x  0.7 cm

Weight: 0.24 oz 

Green Kyanite: creates a bridge between one’s self and the dynamic balance of Nature; helps one to feel the ever-moving perfect flowing balance of the Tao, the life force of the Universe; helps connect with truth of the heart and aids discerning truth in one’s environment from TV news to friends and family members; it is a sincerity detector – if someone is not speaking from their heart, you will know it; having green kunzite helps one to live from the heart’s truth and stop looking outwardly for answers; helps to enter the realm of Nature spirits and Devas and to astral travel to other planets; can powerfully enhance one’s dream life and facilitate lucid dreaming; can even help one to reach the causal plane, where the archetypes exist and where the great patterns of events are shaped before they manifest in our world.

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