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Wire wrapped polished Jet stone - wire and bale are not silver

2 Sizes: 2.5 x 2 x 1.1 cm or

3.8 x 2.9 x 1.4 cm

Jet: (Robert Simmons) Protection; Purification; Grounding: Historically Jet has been used for mourning jewellery, crosses and carving. Jet is black or dark brown variety of coal called lignite.  Its name is believed to be derived from the name of the town and the river Gagas in ancient Turkey.  For those interested in the activation of the powers of magic and the interaction with the forces of the elements, Jet can be an aid and a protector.  It can assist raising ones Shakti and helps one to draw on Earth energies and to channel that powerful flow into one’s desired locations.  At the same time, Jet is a neutralizer of negative energies, clearing one’s field of all disharmonious vibrations.  Anyone engaging in astral travel or mediumship is advised to have several pieces of jet to hold and/or place upon the body. A necklace or pendant made of Jet makes a powerful amulet for the purification of one’s aura and protection from negative influences.  Jet and Amber in a healing layout create a circuit of healing energy.  Jet facilitates going deeper into the personal subconscious and the archetypes of the collective unconscious. 

(Naisha Ahsian) Jet is a stone of purification and protection.  It is able to absorb negativity and process it into clear, usable energy.  In the same way that charcoal can filter out impurities in water, Jet can purify and clear the aura.  Jet is particularly good protection against the misuse of magical energy or power.  It absorbs negativity or malicious energy and neutralizes it.  It can help clear the body of impurities and is a great grounding stone.  Jet allows us to access ancient memories at the cellular level.  It acts as a mirror to how us what we most need to clear in ourselves in order to bring more of our Light into our realities.  It holds ancient Earth wisdom as well – speaking of our roots and beginnings, natural power and elemental energy.  Jet can offer protection and the ability to transmute negative energy into clear, neutral energy.  Jet assists entering and exploring the inner void of creation – the place where one’s potential and power lie.  It enables one to see the lesson behind negative experiences and helps integrate the lessons so that their manifestation can be released.  Jet clears the energetic field of attachments and patterns that appear as negative experiences in one’s life.  It asks in return that one honestly owns both one’s shortcomings and one’s abilities.  Resonance with Jet assists perceiving personal power and aspect of self that still need to be developed in order to reach one’s full potential.  Jet is protective on a physical level, in that it assists one in healing any energy leaks in the aura.  It aids in the energetic cleansing of the liver and the kidneys.  Affirmation: “My body, mind and spirit are grounded, centred and purified.”

(Judy Hall) draws out negativity, alleviates unreasonable fears; stone of protection; those attracted to jet are old souls; opens to psychic experiences; assists quest for enlightenment; must be thoroughly cleansed after each use; stabilizes finances and mood; alleviates depression; stimulates kundalini; treats migraines, epilepsy and colds, glandular swellings, stomach pain, menstrual cramps

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