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Meteorite and Peridot Pendant - 118.99

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Facetted oval shape Peridot Crystal and genuine Campo del Cielo Iron-Nickel Meteorite, found northwest of Buenos Aires, Argentina in sterling silver claw setting; the back is open

Pendant Size: 4 (including bale) x 1.9 cm 
Peridot Size: 0.8 x 0.6 cm

Weight: 0.37 oz

Composition: 92.9% Fe, 6.7% Ni, 0.4% Co
Structural Classification: Octahedrite
Fall Date: 4,000 – 5,000 years ago

Meteorite: Meteorites are solid pieces of objects such as comets, asteroids or meteoroids that come to Earth (or other planets) from outer spaceThe energy of meteorites is intense.  They can activate kundalini and connect one to the stars.  They can cause great awakening and change to happen very quickly.  They are great for those who are impatient for spiritual growth.  Meteorites ground and protect the emotional body. They build up stamina and are great aids to the healing process, even strengthening blood and tissues in the physical body.  They help one to remain present on the Earth and can be very helpful to stabilize premature infants or one experiencing prolonged and difficult illness.  They offer strength and hope in the face of a long struggle or physical ailment.

(Robert Simmons) Nickel-Iron Meteorites vibrate with an almost electrical intensity.  They have the capacity to activate the kundalini channel along the spine, brining the usually dormant spiritual fire, which exists in all beings into full force.  These stones connect to the energy of the stars, the Saura Agni of the Hindu Vedas, the hidden energy that animates the Universe.  When one stirs this energy within the self, great awakenings and great changes can happen very quickly, whether one believes one is ready or not.  Yet the effect varies widely among people.  Some will feel nothing at all because their vibratory rate is too slow to resonate with what emanates from these Meteorites.  Others will feel over-stimulated and will want to get away from them.  This may be because the emotional body is not strong enough to tolerate the potential transformation these stones engender.  However, there will be those who are perfectly prepared to make the leap into the cosmic energies the Nickel-Iron Meteorites embody.  For these individuals, a great journey will have begun. They harmonize well with Moldavite, which magnifies their cosmic connection.  Libyan Gold tektites and Tibetan Tektites will add even more fire to the kundalini effect.

(Naisha Ahsian) Nickel-Iron Meteorites helps those who are impatient for spiritual growth.  They carry monk energy, in that they assist one in finding the spiritual in the mundane of tasks and repetitive routines.  They help understanding of the structure required to bring an idea into being and assist completion of projects.  They are grounding and protective to the emotional body.  They help one to approach issues with direction and prevent ‘flying off the handle.’  Nickel-Iron Meteorites strengthen blood and tissues.  They build up stamina and are great aids to the healing process.  They can help one stay present on the Earth and can be of use for premature infants or to help stabilize one who is experiencing prolonged and difficult illness.  They offer strength and hope in the face of a long struggle or physical ailment.  Affirmation: “My unwavering commitment to spiritual growth fuels the fires of my inner awakening.”

Peridot: Peridot is a stone of health, prosperity, Joy and emotional Well-being.  It helps one to take responsibility and find the courage to act their heart’s desires. Peridot encourages generosity, self-worth, confidence and freedom from guilt, burdens, obsessions and old limiting patterns.  Peridot helps to connect and communicate with the Fairy Realms and Nature Spirits and is a great plant and animal healer.  Peridot neutralizes toxins, heals and Regenerates tissues, aids bipolar and heals hypochondria.

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