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Mookaite or Mook Jasper Pendant - 29.99

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Oval shape Mookaite or Mook Jasper cabachon in sterling silver bezel setting; the back is open

Size: 3.1 x 1.8 x 0.6 cm

Weight: 0.22 oz

Source: Australia

Mookaite:  (Australian Jasper; also called Mook Jasper) helps to reclaim one’s ability to feel the electromagnetic energy of the Earth and use them for health and manifestation; reawakens the ability to know which direction to take; strengthens instinctual capabilities; excellent for those wanting to practice animal communication and create rapport with the ancestors; clears and activates third eye and solar plexus, aligning them with root chakra; reminds one of the ageless spirit – helps to slow aging process, maintain a young heart and a vibrant physical body; activates genetic memory to receive ancestral lessons so they can be cleared so that future generations do not have to repeat them; excellent stone for parent to facilitate communication with an unborn child; assists the process of pregnancy, reproduction and the regeneration of the physical body; can be used to counter the effects of aging; supports alternate life work and clearing patterns from genetic code; provides balance between inner and outer experiences; imparts desire for new experience and a deep calm with which to face them; encourages versatility; points out all possibilities and assists choosing the right one; physically stabilizing stone; fortifies immune system; heals wounds; purifies the blood.  Affirmation: “I awaken my genetic inheritance and my capacities to feel and flow with the knowing that comes directly from Nature.”

Mookaite or Mook Jasper: (Chert), carries a predominantly reddish-rose color, marbled or striped with bands of yellow, cream, tan, white or brown; named for the Mook Creek area in Western Australia where it is mined. Mookaite is an Aboriginal Mother Earth stone known for its healing and connection with the positive energy currents of the Earth. It increases life force in the physical body, and promotes an ageless spirit willing to accept change and seek new experiences. It awakens the energy of one’s own instinct, and is an excellent stone for pregnant parents to communicate with their unborn child.

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