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Peach Aventurine Pyramid - 13.99 - now 4.99!

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Peach or Orange Aventurine pyramids from India

Average Size: 2 x 2.5 cm

Average Weight: 0.58 oz

Peach or Orange Aventurine: (Karen Osborne) works the lower, higher temperature charkas and the heart; Helps open communication between the heart, solar plexus and second chakra; softens our manner and perspective; helps one let go of feeling self-conscious; it’s definitely a ‘dance like no one is watching stone’; releases inhibitions about the physical body; helps to feel comfortable and self-assured in any surrounds; helps to relax and be open to receiving; helps one connect to inner creativity; good for healing shyness and reluctance to express through the body (dance, affection, etc.)

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