Rainbow Moonstone Tumbled - 2.99
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Rainbow Moonstone Tumbled - 2.99

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Tumbled Rainbow Moonstone from India

Average Size: 2 x 1  x 0.05 cm

Average Weight: 0.16 oz

Rainbow Moonstone: (Naisha Ashian and Robert Simmons) acts as a prism that diffuses energy throughout the aura; assists in clearing the psychic senses and the mind and brings frequency of joy to one’s energy field; acts as a positive protection field, helping to deflect negativities and densities before they enter one’s energy field; good for psychic protection and maintaining clarity of energy while working on an intuitive level; useful in clearing the emotional body and healing emotional trauma

(Judy Hall) Rainbow Moonstone carries the vibration of cosmic Light and offers spiritual healing for the whole of humanity.  Taking you on inter-and-multi-dimensional journeys, it reminds you that you are part of an ongoing, ever-unfolding cycle, and links into your overall soul as well as your current life plan, helping you to see the unseen, intuitively read symbols and synchronicities, and opening you to spiritual gifts.  Rainbow Moonstone may leave sensitive people feeling psychically or emotionally overwhelmed, although it provides insight in appropriate circumstances.  This stone is powerfully attuned to the cycles and phases of the moon and may need removing at full moon.  Rainbow Moonstone is beneficial for the internal organs, eyes, arteries and veins.

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