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Pyrite Pendant - 78.99

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Pyrite cabochon left natural on one side, set in in Sterling Silver artistic bezel setting; the back is left open

Length: 3.6 cm 

Across: 3 cm 

Rainbow pyrite is a relatively recent discovery and so far, it has only been found in one location in the world - Russia. Rainbow pyrite is known for its rainbow-like iridescence, caused by differential refraction and diffraction of light.

Pyrite: (Copyright © Karen Osborne, 2013) Pyrite naturally forms in cubes; hence its fundamental properties are stability and grounding.  It grounds us to the Earth and the present moment, providing us with the physical strength, mental clarity and emotional security needed to face life full on.  Pyrite’s energies are essentially yang or masculine energies.  It helps one to be more assertive and to take positive action in their lives.  It stimulates quick response and agility in the physical body and is a great stone for those who practice sports or are engaged in work that requires focus and awareness.  Pyrite also strengthens the physical body by aligning and opening it to the nourishing energies of the Earth and the Sun.  Pyrite promotes good health, generates healthy cell reproduction and is said to repair DNA.  It is a good treatment for inflammation, infections and fevers.  Pyrite is helpful for children and excessive daydreamers.  It keeps them aware of their surroundings, which helps keep them safe from harm. Pyrite is an extremely protective stone for all people.  When worn on the body or placed along the boundary lines of property, it provides an excellent shield against negative energies.

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