Spiderweb Chrysocolla - 3.99
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Spiderweb Chrysocolla - 3.99

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Tumbled Spiderweb Chrysocolla from Africa. Grounding stones with beautiful teal coloured Chrysocolla veining

Average Size: 2.5 x 2 x 1.5 cm

Average Weight: 0.60 oz

Chrysocolla: (Robert Simmons) Chrysocolla is a stone of empowerment of the feminine energies in both women and men.  It emanates gentleness and power.  It is a stone of the Goddess and those who resonate with Chrysocolla will likely feel her ancient and enduring energies rising within themselves.  Chrysocolla stimulates the throat chakra for clear communication of one’s inner wisdom.  It can even be an aid to learning what wisdom actually is.  Those who have had the experience of being surprised by hearing oneself speak a thought more profound than that which one had in mind will know what is meant by this.  The process of formulating and speaking one’s ideas, especially when it is done spontaneously, can reveal one’s true innate wisdom.  Wearing Chrysocolla, particularly wearing it near the throat chakra, can facilitate these and other gifts of expression.  Chrysocolla is closely attuned to the vibrations of the Earth and can facilitate one’s empathic connection with the Earth’s consciousness.  It can harmonize the heart chakra and link both the heart and the throat chakras with the base chakra, for greater life force and vitality.  The highest form of Chrysocolla is Gem Silica, a crystallized form in which the Chrysocolla is infused in Quartz.  Gem Silica offers a magnified version of all the Chrysocolla energies and is also best for producing and/or experiencing sacred sound.  Those who chant, sing or speak mantras are strongly advised to wear or carry Chrysocolla, especially Gem Silica.

(Naisha Ahsian)  Chrysocolla is a cardinal water element stone, governing the flow of energy and communication.  It is powerful for opening and cleansing of the throat chakra, allowing one to channel the loving knowledge of the heart to others.  It assists us in owning the power of our words and in recognizing how the words we use affect our reality.  It facilitates expression of our heart’s deepest truth, as well as our mind’s greatest knowledge.  Chrysocolla is the ‘teaching stone’, in that it encourages one to speak one’s highest knowledge so that others may benefit from our experiences.  It is a great stone for teachers and those who speak for a living.  It can help open a channel between higher consciousness and verbal expression, allowing for Divinely inspired speech and communication.  It is also helpful for those who afraid to speak their hearts, or who may not realize their words of experience are filled with wisdom, which could help others.  This stone encourages us to share our true selves without artifice or masks, so that our wisdom – not just our information – can be conveyed through our words and our energies.  Chrysocolla is a powerful model for consciously considering the way one puts one’s energy into the world.  One can speak and say nothing, or remain silent and speak volumes.  Chrysocolla teaches the value of both sound and silence.  It’s calming, soothing energies facilitate flow in one’s life and one’s energy.  It can aid in dispelling fiery energies, angry words or fear-filled sarcasm, so our most valuable truth is shared through our words or our silence.

(Judy Hall) helps to build trust in relationships and overcome co-dependence; encourages independence while strengthening commitment; it’s energies are tranquil and sustaining; helps communication and meditation; it is a stone that draws off negativity of all kinds; it is very good for helping one to accept change; generally aligns and energizes charkas; draws off guilt, reverses destructive emotional programming; heals heartache; increases capacity to love; beneficial for rocky relationships; brings in joy; overcomes phobias; detoxifies liver; balances insulin; treats arthritis, muscle spasm, thyroid; excellent for PMS/menstrual cramps, menopause, dissolves miasms; lowers blood pressure; heals infections (especially of the throat)

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