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Stibnite or Antimonite - 36.99

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Natural, lustrous Stibnite or Antimonite cluster from China

Size: 5.2 x 2 x 1.7 cm

Weight: 0.74 oz

Stibnite (also known as Antimonite): (Naisha Ahsian and Robert Simmons) a stone carrying the power of the Underworld; energy of transformation, death and rebirth, new perspectives, great wealth and power; however, a highly focussed intention is necessary when working with stibnite to ensure that one evokes only what they want.  Those with wandering focus may experience unexpected, undesired results; for those who truly know what they want, stibnite can manifest abundance; helps one to adjust to profound changes happening on Earth and within the self; it can help magnetize a completely new career, spiritual life, self-image or outer personality; adding Moldavite can catapult such transformation; adding Moldavite facilitates change that is only for the highest good; can attract new opportunities; Stibnite has a trickster quality when it is used for personal gain, especially with money; adding Sodalite and/or Sphalerite can help with discernment; moves energy through the physical body; aids body in integrating and shifting genetic patterns; can facilitate connection with ET’s and inter-dimensional beings; assists shifting into the high frequency energies we are being asked to carry in our bodies; can help counter symptoms of energy shift such as dizziness, headaches, inability to concentrate and heart palpitations caused by the Earth’s varying magnetic field; can help release fears about exploring the Spiritual world and higher realms, helping the body incorporate the higher frequencies encountered there; powerful meditation stone; promotes cleansing and release of debris from the emotional body; it’s purifying energy can be used to help heal sites of infection on the body, to counter herpes, cold sores, boils and other lesions as well as infections in cuts or wounds.  Affirmation: “I harmonize myself with the new energies of the Earth, I pledge myself to work for the emergence of the Light, and I call forth the magnificence of all that I truly am.”

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