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Stilbite Cluster - 44.99

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Natural Peach Stilbite cluster with one Clear Apophyllite Crystal - solid Stilbite with no matrix - very pure piece with beautiful lustre and pure peach colour

Source: India

Size: 9.7 x 8.7 x 3.7 cm

Weight: 9.77 oz

Stilbite is a stone of expansion, softness and bliss.  It is a stone of love and joy, bring calm and comfort to those who wear it.  It’s excellent for healing loss, grief and overwhelm of any kind.  It enhances learning and decision-making, promotes mental balance and positive thinking. Stillbite helps one to quiet the mind and get into deeper brain wave states for meditation, shamanic journeying, spirit communication and guidance from the higher self.  It also helps one to fall sleep and to dream vividly. Stillbite clears unresolved memories from the subconscious and helps one to understand their meaning.  Stillbite is a stone of creativity, inspiration and intuition that helps one to believe in potential and move beyond limitation.  It is a powerful detoxifier and general tonic for the physical body.  It is used to strengthen ligaments, treat laryngitis, loss of taste and other throat disorders.  It is also used to treat brain disorders and ADD and ADHD.

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