Another Look at Boundaries ~ Judgment, Acceptance & Lepidolite

One reason why we have so many boundary lessons with other people is because they provide us with vital opportunities to know who we are.  Building strong healthy boundaries creates a sense of self.  Once you have it, other people will sense and respect it.
One way I learned about boundaries was by studying the natural world...  For example, a bird knows that it’s a bird - it doesn’t try to be another animal in order to fit in, nor does it find fault with other animals who are different.  It knows about being a bird.  Simple.

This made me realize that I needed to focus on figuring out who I am.  I needed to learn how to be myself without loosing my identity to the beliefs, emotions and energies of other people.

I find this is exactly what happens when we sit in judgment.  Judgment is probably the polar opposite of acceptance.  Acceptance is a requirement of happiness.  Inability to accept, creates suffering in our lives.
One reason why birds and other animals can be their natural, clearly defined selves is because they don’t don’t experience judgement.  Judgment is like sticky tape that keeps you stuck to other people.
We feel the judgment of others pushing on the boundaries of our energetic field, often even penetrating it and doing harm.  The harm can be physical pain, confusion, mental fog, irritation, tension, fatigue and over the long-term, even physical illness.

Shamans consider judgement to be sorcery.  One of our greatest lessons in life is to ‘not judge’ – to simply live your own truth and to have the grace to allow others to live theirs.  This is acceptance.  Acceptance = freedom.  You learn that you are not responsible for other people, you don’t know what is best for them, and it’s not your job to change them.  Focusing on what’s right for us, eliminates the need to be right or wrong.

Lepidolite is known as the stone of acceptance.  It’s my go-to stone for overcoming judgment and finding the natural flow of life.  It frees me from needing to fix or have the answers.  I don’t need to keep having thoughts about who other people are. I can focus on who I am and just let them be.  Bringing your focus back to yourself can break energetic chains, repair your aura and stop energy leakage.

You can thank the other person for being themselves because they helped you to know who you are and who you are not. Judgment transforms into wisdom.  It is said that you will become what you judge and I believe that’s true.  We judge what we don’t understand; karmic law says that you must then live it in order to understand it.  Have you ever felt like you are becoming your mother or father?  We may find it horrifying and we may laugh but in those moments we can feel the greater truth, which is - that now we understand what it’s like to be them.

Ultimately it’s yourself that gets lost in the judgment game.  You can focus on experiencing your own mental, emotional and physical integrity instead. Judgment of others = weak boundaries.  It’s judgment that keeps the energetic doors open between you and other people.  Lepidolite can help us to accept what is, to release judgment, and to flow with the limitless offerings life brings us. Let's see what it can help us shed going into the new year!

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