Crystals that Help with Energy Vampirism

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In her book, ‘Dodging the Energy Vampires’, Christiane Northrup asserts that we, the Empaths, the sensitive, loving, compassionate people on our planet, are actually the 10% of the population who provide the Light needed for the ascension of humanity!  
We are filters for the darkness, she says, and she strongly cautions us not to over-give.  I could not agree more.  I have learned that Empathy is a strength.  We are actually stronger than the Energy Vampires – that’s why they need to take our Energy.  I say go Empaths! Care, love, give – just not more than you receive!
When you send love to the Earth or love to the Universe, it’s returned to you.  Loving an Energy Vampire (Narcissist) is more like a one-way street.  Energy Vampires take any energy they can get from other people, whether it’s your love, your resources or your life force. They are the people in your life who leave you feeling drained, emotionally low or even physically unwell after spending time with them.
There’s much to explore here but a good first step is to identify the Energy Vampires in your life.  A good exercise is to make a list of all the people who match the criteria below and then take steps  to stop loosing energy to them.  You may need to end some of these relationships in order to find your way back to yourself.
The Guiding Principle for Identifying Energy Vampires is to watch for relationships where you are Giving More than You Are Receiving.  Consider the following:
  • People you have to work too hard to earn love from
  • People who don’t honour you – your beliefs, values, work, choices…
  • People who think they know what’s best for you
  • People who want you to change
  • People who try to shame or blame you
  • Needy people
  • Demanding people
  • People who dump rather than share
  • Passive aggressive people
  • People who try assert their will in the relationship
  • People who don’t listen
  • Self-absorbed people
  • People who make you the butt of jokes or sarcasm
  • People who are false, exploitive, unavailable, you get the idea …
  • And, of course, people who are overtly abusive

Ask yourself why these people are in your life?
  • What did you want to learn from these toxic relationships? 
  • What are you getting out of the relationship?  Is the relationship serving self-weakness? 
  • How is this person mirroring yourself back to you?
  • Do you judge these people?
  • Do they represent shadow aspects of yourself?
  • Are they showing you that you need to build more self-love and self-respect.

Once you explore the energetics of the relationship, you can do something to create a positive change.
When you shift your own energy the other person will shift too.  They may no longer behave in a way that’s toxic to you or that drains your energy. Alternatively, they may no longer be interested in you and drift away.  
Energy Vampires exploit our kind, loving and compassionate nature.  We need to develop strength, will and discernment.  Healing yourself will neutralize the Energy Vampires in your life. Until that happens on your road to wholeness, resolve to sever physical and energetic ties with the Energy Vampires in your life.
  • Stop inviting Energy Vampires into your physical and energetic space.
  • Stop judging Energy Vampires as this binds you energetically.
  • Learn to recognize your own Energy Vampire within
Stones that help to sever energetic cords, cleanse other people’s energy from your aura and/or prevent reaattachment are:
Angel Aura and other “Aura” Crystals, especially Rose Aura
Black Tourmaline
Faden Quartz
Shaman Stones

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